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Ready?  Set?  Mark your calendars for 2016 Master Gardener College On the Road to Grand Rapids!

The Prince Conference Center on East Beltline will once again be home base for our two-day event, June 17-18, 2016. The theme for the event is “Dig It! Plant It! Grow It!”

What is on the agenda, you ask?  Oh my, it’s just like the garden shop or bookstore — so many great choices! 

June 17 offers a selection of all-day bus tours, each with a different focus.  Those not taking a bus tour can choose from afternoon workshops at the Prince Center.  Everyone comes back together for a stop at the MSU Extension Grand Ideas Garden (the GIG) to cruise the annual plant sale and visit the incredible, plant-packed gardens.  The party will then move back to the Prince Center, where folks can relax, socialize, have dinner and attend the Annual Michigan Master Gardener Association’s membership meeting.

Bright and early, June 18 will begin with our keynote speaker, who will get our juices going in preparation for an education-filled day.  You will have an opportunity to select your preferred breakout sessions from a wide variety of topics ranging from bees to water and lots in between.  Beginning at 7:30 a.m., the Green Marketplace will be open for shopping—the next best thing to digging, planting and growing!  Everyone can always use another great book, gloves, pruners/nippers, shirts, lotion, soap, garden art, plants (of course) and lots, lots more.

So, mark your calendar now, then watch for updates and begin to make those tough decisions—-which bus tour, what breakout sessions, how many plants can I cram in the car for the trip home?  And don’t forget, contact your MSU Extension Master Gardener friends from throughout the state to get them on-board so we can all connect at the conference to Dig It! Plant It! Grow It!