Record Keeping System

In early 2013, we migrated from the Record Keeping System (RKS) to a new online system known as the Michigan Master Gardener Volunteer Management System (VMS). This enhanced system is being used by Master Gardeners in California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. It is “user-friendly” and was customized expressly for MSU to safe guard and maintain MG records used for certification, re-certification and communications. More importantly, this new system enables volunteers to maintain their own records, safely communicate with each other, connect with volunteer projects, manage volunteer projects, choose to be connected with other local groups, utilize an events calendaring feature and continue to connect to MSUE educational opportunities across the state. Plus, the UC-Davis programmers will make additional system enhancements in the near future. (The details haven’t been shared with us yet other than there will be a mobile phone app option for those MGs with smart phones!)

Historical Details for Volunteer and Education Hours: When the data in the current system was migrated to the new VMS, only the individual MG’s total volunteer hours and total education hours were migrated. We were unable to transfer the details of each entry made for volunteer and education hour submissions. However, before the RKS shut down, Master Gardeners were provided the opportunity to download and print their detailed hours for their own records.

Suspended Master Gardeners: Once we migrated to the new VMS, Master Gardeners could only be in categories of “active” or “inactive”. We could no longer have a “suspended” Master Gardener status level. (Suspended MGs were those that had not completed the 15/5 requirement for annual certification for 1, 2 or 3 years in the past 3 years. This status level was comparable to providing “grace”.) Since this category does not exist in the VMS, we granted “amnesty” to all “suspended” Master Gardeners IF 15 volunteer hours and 5 educational hours were submitted into the RKS by December 15th, 2012. Amnesty was not extended to those not fulfilling certification requirements for over 3 years, i.e. “inactive” Master Gardeners.