Volunteer Management System

The new Master Gardener Volunteer Management System (VMS) was launched in late February, 2013. Like anything new in our lives, it has been a bit of an adjustment but has proven to be far superior communications tool than the previous record keeping system (RKS) and possesses far greater functionality to assist Master Gardeners and local MG administrators (aka Local System Ambassadors). 

To assist you in learning the Volunteer Management System, please refer to the two documents posted below. You will also be able to contact your local system ambassador to additional assistance. 

VMS - Getting Started - This 18-page document provides basic information on how to access the VMS, edit your profile and edits interests. This document is suggested for first time users. 

VMS Full User Guide - This 25-page guide is more comprehensive and covers all the basic functionality of the VMS.  

Ambassador list - April 2015 -  This a listing of counties, group names and associated VMS Ambassador(s).